4.8 Prepare a Report on the Test

The report serves several purposes but only a well written complete report is valuable in the future for repair or maintenance of the system or for future reference. The final report should contain the following sections and information.


  • Cover or title page

This front page of the report should include the following items:

Project title

Location of test

Date of test

Submission date

Company name and persons doing the test

  • Summary, Conclusions and Recommendations

This section should be about a page to two pages long and should include a summary of the testing, conclusions reached and recommendations for improvement (if any).

  • Introduction and Procedure

This section should include an introduction stating the importance of the test, and the procedure used to obtain the results. This is a good location for pictures of the site and the equipment used.

  • Test Results

This section includes the data obtained at the site. Most of the data are presented in tabular or graphical form, and are the original data taken on site. If the original data are rewritten for neatness or organization, the original data should be included in the Appendix and References section.

  • Sample Calculations

This section includes examples of all the calculations that have been made during the exercise. All equations should be listed as a part of the sample calculations.

  • Appendix and References

This is the catchall section. Include in this section the originals of the data collected (if not included in the Test Results section), and any support material that assisted in execution of tests, in forming conclusions, and in providing recommendations.

(Source of Report Requirements: Rochester, E.W. August 2005. Irrigation System Performance Audit. Irrigation Association Education Foundation, 6540 Arlington Boulevard, Falls Church, VA 22042-6638. www.iaef.org. Notebook of instructor manual, powerpoint CD, worksheets, student manual.